Class A

Oliver Wight Seventh Edition Class A Standard

For nearly half a century, Oliver Wight Class A has been recognized by organizations and industry commentators worldwide as the definitive standard for business excellence. The Seventh Edition Class A Standard represents a body of knowledge from Oliver Wight, capturing almost 50 years of experience in helping some of the world’s best-known companies improve their businesses.

If you’d like to join them, the Seventh Edition Class A Standard is an essential element to help you get there. Through its nine chapters, it redefines Business Excellence and gives you everything you need to stay ahead of your competitors, both now and in the future:

  1. Managing the Strategic Planning Process
  2. Managing and Leading People
  3. Driving Business Improvement
  4. Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
  5. Managing the Product and Service Portfolio
  6. Managing Market Demand
  7. Managing the Supply Chain
  8. Managing Internal Supply
  9. Managing External Sourcing

The Class A Standard is supported by a number of Milestones, each representing a targeted improvement program, which can be tailored precisely to the needs of your organization. This means you can map out your own journey to success in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Who is it for?

Irrespective of your business type or market segment, the Seventh Edition sets the high bar for performance excellence. The maturity of your business is not a limiting factor; your starting position may be different from other companies, but the steps on the journey are the same.

Our role is to show what’s possible and help you on your personalized improvement journey, transforming your business processes, culture and performance to deal with the increasing demands of 21st Century customers and consumers.

The focus is on delivering real sustainable business results – not just creating better processes, but increasing revenue and improving margin; it’s about delivering shareholder satisfaction and excellent customer service, reducing costs and attracting and developing the best talent.

How does it work?

There is no silver bullet for business improvement. The essential ingredients are commitment, robust planning, hard work, and dedication.

The Seventh Edition Class A Standard provides the perfect framework for your journey. But remember, it is just one essential element to reaching your business objectives. Your Oliver Wight partners will use it combined with their real-world experience to ensure your people, business processes and technology are fully aligned and integrated right across your organization.

They will coach, guide and inspire your teams to drive change throughout your organization, allowing you to create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that simply becomes ‘the way you do things around here’. It’s a proven, sustainable approach that will transform your business performance and deliver results straight to the bottom line.

Why do we need a new Standard for Business Excellence?

The world has changed dramatically and will continue to change. Global financial crisis, increased globalization, natural disasters, and technological change have transformed the environment in which organizations operate.

Perhaps most significant of all has been the revolution in consumer behavior. Increasingly demanding consumers also lack loyalty, and online shopping has now become first choice for many.  Markets have become segmented, and one size no longer fits all. Different customers require different value disciplines, and supply chains have to be aligned and optimized to meet them.

In this fast-moving and volatile business landscape, the Seventh Edition Class A Standard reflects the very latest in Integrated Product Planning, product and service development, demand and supply and much more. It gives you everything you need to build your business for the future.

What do I get?

Oliver Wight will help you improve the performance of your organization, delivering results you can measure in dollars, euros, or sterling. You will be learning from the best in the business with an unrivalled track record. Whether your planning is informal and lacking integration or you are now striving for advanced levels of performance, your Oliver Wight improvement program will get everybody in your organization working together to transform your business and deliver results that stick.

Oliver Wight Class A Milestone Awards come in three forms:

  • Oliver Wight Class A: The full Class A award when an entire enterprise meets the requirements of all chapters of this Standard.
  • Oliver Wight Business Unit Class A Accreditation: To recognize the achievements of a stand-alone business within a larger multi-entity enterprise that meets all the requirements of its appropriate scope.
  • Oliver Wight Milestone Award: To recognize successful execution of the defined transformation projects that comprise a milestone in your Business Improvement program, with delivered business gains on the Journey to Class A Business Excellence.   There is an award for each milestone you achieve.