Demand Labs

Offered onsite as a private course in 2022. Email for more info.

Judgement often makes the difference between a good and excellent demand planner and manager.

In Oliver Wight’s Demand Labs, participants are exposed to a variety of real-life demand planning scenarios. The scenarios are structured to experience overcoming challenges and situations using best practice principles.

The participants learn from the instructors’ own demand planning experiences. They return to work in a position to create more credible demand plans. They also have greater ability to balance demand challenges with business goals and objectives when problem solving.

What Is the Demand Labs

The Demand Labs is a two-day, hands-on workshop that focuses on applying best practices through exercises and scenarios. In addition to learning best practice techniques, the scenarios teach participants how to think about planning issues and solutions in real-life situations.

What You Learn

The instructors led the Demand Management processes in companies prior to joining Oliver Wight. They know what it takes to create demand plans every month and improve the credibility of those plans.

Through exercises and scenarios in breakout sessions, participants will learn:

  • How to incorporate inputs from sales, marketing, and product management when developing a demand plan – and what to do when those inputs are not aligned
  • How to interpret the results of a statistical forecast
  • Ways to improve understanding of key demand drivers as part of assumption management
  • How to plan at the aggregate level and translate aggregate plans into a detail plan
  • Performance analysis techniques to improve the reliability of demand plans
  • How to perform what-if analysis and develop contingency plans

Todd Ferguson                            Timm Reiher
Value of the Demand Labs

In the day-to-day “pressure cooker” of demand planning, it is hard to step back and gain perspective on what is going well and what needs to improve to create more accurate demand plans. The Demand Labs provides a place to gain that perspective – while learning first-hand how to use best practice demand planning techniques in real-world situations.

Participants gain a stronger footing on how to improve their company’s demand planning process and the thinking – and judgement – that is needed to create more trustworthy plans.

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What Clients Say

“Because this course was so hands-on, I know I will be able to apply what I have learned the minute I get back to my company.” 
Stephanie Hansen
“The instructors were excellent at making sure we all were following them every step of the course. The material totally applies to my responsibilities at work.” 
Susan Willett