e-Book – The Transition From Sales and Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning Practices and Principles – 2nd Edition

e-Book – The Transition From Sales and Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning Practices and Principles – 2nd Edition




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Forward-thinking companies are evolving their Sales and Operations Planning processes into Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for a simple reason: doing so generates far greater gains in their business results. In an easy-to-digest format, this book uses a fictional company to show how to transition to IBP. Further, it explains how companies link strategy to execution through the IBP process.

Since soft skills often make the difference between success and failure in an IBP implementation, this seminal work also offers more than 200 business principles that can often be forgotten when you are in the trenches of daily business battles. These principles address collaboration, decision making, aligning the executive team, managing organizational change, and much more.

Key Features

  • Shows why companies are transitioning to IBP and how to make the transition successful
  • Explains what businesses gain from using IBP to link strategy to execution
  • Shares strategies and values that help companies achieve faster results when using IBP to manage the business
  • Features numerous business and life principles that will help you both in and out of the workplace


About the Authors

George E. Palmatier has assisted many companies that make everything from soup to satellites in implementing integrated management processes. He is recognized as an expert on Integrated Business Planning (IBP), Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Demand Management, and Integrated Strategy Management. He also has deep experience with Enterprise Resource Planning, Integrated Supply Chain Management, and Integrated Product Development.

With more than forty years of experience in industry and as a principal with Oliver Wight Americas, George has a thorough knowledge of how to achieve sustained results in improving business performance. During eleven years as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Bently Nevada Corporation, George was responsible for bringing the sales and marketing functions into a well-orchestrated business management process. Bently Nevada was one of the pioneers in developing and implementing S&OP and using it as a truly integrated management process.

In addition to this book and his many white papers, George has authored or coauthored three other titles: The Marketing EdgeEnterprise Sales and Operations Planning, and Demand Management Best Practices.

Retired from active consulting with Oliver Wight, George still maintains a keen interest in helping companies that strive to improve their business performance in order to better satisfy their customers, employees, and owners/shareholders.

Colleen Crum is a thought leader and innovator in Demand Management, Integrated Business Planning, and Sales and Operations Planning. She has helped develop methodologies that enable companies to successfully implement and sustain integrated management processes to quickly achieve financial benefit. Before retiring as a consultant with Oliver Wight, she assisted companies across the manufacturing spectrum, including chemicals, consumer goods, food and beverage, electronics, biotechnology, aerospace, and defense.

In addition to coauthoring this book and authoring many white papers, Coco coauthored three other books: Enterprise Sales and Operations PlanningDemand Management Best Practices, and Supply Chain Collaboration. During retirement, Coco has served as an editor for Oliver Wight and is an author of children’s books.