Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning


Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning

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Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning illustrates the effective, real-world implementation of this powerful process. The book is written as a case narrative with an instructional style that managers can relate to. These experienced authors address decision-making issues from the manager’s perspective for each functional area within an enterprise. This approach provides keen insights into the synchronization of resources, demand and supply, giving the reader a clear path to achieving superior profits and competitive advantages.

This book illustrates:

  • How sales and operations planning can improve operational performance including on-time customer deliveries, inventory control, quality and profits
  • How people and processes, not just technology, ensure success
  • How to implement the mechanics of S&OP to improve a company’s top-line revenue and bottom-line performance by linking strategy to execution
  • How S&OP can be used successfully to anticipate downturns and upturns in business so that companies can consistently achieve their financial goals
  • How companies using this method have improved execution of business strategies which leads to increased market share and shareholder value

Written by George Palmatier, a retired consultant with Oliver Wight Americas and one of the early pioneers in the early development and evolution of the sales and operations planning process, and Colleen Crum, a retired consultant with Oliver Wight Americas and experienced teacher of forecasting and demand management, Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning presents the human factors that are critical to successfully implementing sales and operations planning.

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George E. Palmatier with Colleen Crum