Oliver Wight Americas Announces Availability of the new white paper – Demand Planning: Where does it fit in the organization? by Ronald K. Ireland

NEW LONDON, NH – February 20, 2013

Oliver Wight Americas today announced the availability of a new White Paper, Demand Planning: Where does it fit in the organization? by Ronald K. Ireland. This white paper, part of the Oliver Wight series of informative guides on industry best practices, examines which functional area within an organization should have responsibility and accountability for the Demand Plan to ensure the company’s supply chain is optimized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This White Paper delves into the evolution and different organizational points of view of demand planning. While many companies permit demand planning to reside on the supply side, Ireland argues that it is the sales organization that is most closely tied to the demands of its customers and, therefore, is the most effective owner of the Demand Plan.

“The cost of an inaccurate Demand Plan is often higher amounts of inventory, higher logistics costs, higher manufacturing costs, and missed shipments,” said Ireland, a principal with Oliver Wight Americas. “Having an accurate Demand Plan is critical for efficient and cost-effective supply chain processes as well as excellent customer service.”

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