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Oliver Wight White Paper Series

White Paper:

How Good Is Your Sales and Operations Planning/Integrated Business  Planning Process?

Take a Simple Test and Find Out

by Jim Correll and George Palmatier

Oliver Wight’s new white paper, How Good Is Your Sales and Operations Planning/Integrated Business Planning Process?, by James Correll and George Palmatier, theorizes that the magic to successful S&OP/IBP is that regular, routine realignment and synchroniza­tion of all functional plans brings simultaneous improvement in those functional areas and that many organizations are not getting the available bottom-line results from the process.

The authors present a 10-question survey that enables assessing the quality of a company’s S&OP/IBP process. Each question is scored on a scale from 0 to 5, and readers can tally their own score to judge the health of their S&OP/IBP process. The point system is based on the authors’ more than 35 years of experience, as well as the results of numerous independent surveys. Correll and Palmatier explain the point ranges and the organizational impact at each level.

This white paper also presents the survey results of 40 Oliver Wight clients, showing the results achieved by companies with the most effective S&OP/IBP processes. Of particular interest, the authors say, is that most leadership teams implement S&OP/IBP with the objective of improving operational performance and don’t often expect gains in sales revenue. In reality, according to the survey of 40 Oliver Wight clients and other surveys by research firms, more than 50 percent of companies that implement S&OP/IBP indicate that a key benefit is increased sales revenue.

Also included in this white paper is an excerpt from the book, The Transition from Sales and Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning, further expanding on the executive’s view of S&OP/IBP. 

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