Author: Oliver Wight


Minimizing Chaos With Demand Control and Execution

It is probably safe to say we all have lived through a bit of chaos at times, where we feel things are out of control and fires are popping up everywhere. This can apply to a number of areas. If we think about how this applies to Demand Execution, we see executives getting involved in the details.

The Challenges of Leadership Today

No matter how large or small, manufacturing or pharmaceutical or electronics, every business relies on a leader to chart the course and steer the ship. But if your talent is paddling a dinghy while the competition is piloting a super yacht, your business will sink in a nanosecond.

The Perils of Decision Making: Would You Rather Be Roughly Right or Precisely Wrong?

Decision making can be one of the most frustrating aspects of being a leader, a manager, an employee, and a human being. Decisions are second guessed. That’s the genesis of the term “arm-chair quarterback.” It seems much easier to debate a decision after it has been made than to make the decision in the first place. Information requested upon which to base a decision is not believed. People fight over the information. Is the data right? Go get more data to prove whether it is right or wrong.

Hello Finance – Are You Engaged?

We know what you’re likely to say. “Sure, we’re engaged. We ensure the books are accurate. We handle the monthly…