Structural Integrity – Frameworks For Sourcing and Defining Business-Wide Assumptions

In part one of this white paper, we covered the 10 keys to effective assumption management. Part two investigates the structures and frameworks available to source and stimulate the thinking behind a company’s plans. It is like creating the ‘M Theory’ of business assumptions. M theory is a theoretical framework that seeks to unify the fundamental forces of nature into a single coherent framework. The name is a bit misleading in that there is no one fundamental theory, but many constructs that work together to explain the Universe. Similarly with assumptions, there is no single framework or structure for documenting assumptions and using them to drive business plans, hence this article outlines a potential set of assumption frameworks for the entire business.

Like M Theory, it is still a work-in-progress but our hope is that you find it useful for at least asking the right questions about what is really driving your business.