Getting the Most From Integrated Business Planning: A Collection

Since its inception, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) has exemplified the preeminent approach to managing a business, evolving from best practice to standard practice. It’s fundamentally about strategic decision-making: IBP allows business leaders to connect strategy directly to execution, adapting to internal and external changes without sacrificing business performance.

But putting effective IBP into place isn’t always seamless. How do you know you’re getting the most out of IBP? Are you using the insights driven by IBP “roughly right” or “precisely wrong”?

In the Oliver Wight Thought Leadership Series: Getting the Most from Integrated Business Planning, we present a series of articles written by our business advisors showing you how to use the key elements of IBP to drive improved business performance and financial results. Chock-full of insights and resources and driven by hands-on, real-world experience, you’ll gain critical insight into:

  • Essential truths for business leaders to consider about their IBP process
  • Steps to get a faltering IBP process implementation back on track
  • How to use scenarios to facilitate decision-making
  • How to bring your business strategy to life

Oliver Wight has compiled their experienced wisdom into an authoritative guide. The transformative power of IBP, driven by our years of unique insights into guiding our clients to successfully design, implement, and sustain Integrated Business Planning processes. Through this series of articles, you’ll get a definitive look at the power of IBP and how to leverage that power.

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