Getting the Most From Demand Management: A Collection

For over 50 years, Oliver Wight has implemented best practice demand management strategies in hundreds of companies globally. A demand plan is more than a forecast.  It integrates with other business processes and aligns with the supply and financial plans. A sustainable demand management plan is one where a consensus is reached and accountabilities for executing the plan are clearly defined.

In the Oliver Wight Thought Leadership Series: Getting the Most from Demand Management, we present a series of articles written by our business advisors who gained hands-on, real-world demand management experience in industry before joining Oliver Wight. They now focus on guiding Oliver Wight clients to design, implement, and sustain demand management processes successfully. You will also learn how to make the case for improving the demand management processes. Templates are provided to show you how.

Oliver Wight has compiled the authoritative guide on current demand management principles. An Oliver Wight business advisor introduces each article. They add their insights into the importance of the article’s concepts to gain the most from demand management.

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