Welcome to Oliver Wight Americas’ new blog!

Oliver wight new blog

As leading educators and business coaches in disciplines such as Integrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP), Demand Planning, and Integrated Planning and Control, Oliver Wight wants to pass along our knowledge with this new blog.

As this blog series progresses, we will post our latest knowledge in the areas of new product development, demand management, supply planning, and financial analysis as it relates to Integrated Business Planning.

The range of topics encompasses many different functional areas relating to business planning such as sales, marketing, new product development, finance, and operations. Business leaders and practitioners across any company of any size who want to learn best practices in these areas will benefit from reading this blog.

Be on the lookout for upcoming topics such as:

  • Integrating your new product developments into your Demand Plan
  • How Integrated Business Planning relates to Millennials in the workplace
  • An executive’s guide to Integrated Business Planning

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Welcome to Oliver Wight Americas’ new blog!