Written By Donald McNaughton

After more than 21 years of supporting clients through education and consulting services I am periodically asked why I have not written more. In responding to this question I would often say that I am thinking about it and that I would write when I have something new to say.

Upon reflection, I recognized that this was procrastination at work bolstered by my compulsion to make things as perfect as possible.

Through steady encouragement from clients, colleagues, and friends I understood that it was only a matter of time until I scaled the invisible barrier I had created in my mind and started writing and sharing.

The final boost I needed came when I acknowledged that the value that I have brought to my clients over the past 21 years has largely come from curating ideas and approaches to address their specific needs, not from creating these ideas and approaches.

I have found the idea of curating versus creating liberating and thought-provoking.

Through this blog I will share what I am thinking, feeling, and experiencing with the hope that something I write will add value.

My goal is to post a blog at least once a week.