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Mike Elgin

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Mike Elgin is a Managing Principal with Oliver Wight, leading organizations to superior business results using the principles of Integrated Business Planning. Mike has worked with a diverse set of companies such as Kraft Foods, Tessenderlo Kerley, Cargill, and Halliburton on the design and implementation of Integrated Business Planning. Combined with his practical industry experience, he is well equipped to assist his clients in creating strong teams and alliances to achieve their business goals. His global experience in mentoring and coaching positions him to successfully facilitate the implementation of Integrated Business Planning across multiple geographies and cultures.

With more than 30 years of experience in petroleum refining, marketing, and trading, creating strong teams and alliances, Mike supports achievement of business goals.  He used the principles of Integrated Business Planning to make a significant impact on BP’s refining and marketing growth and profitability. Decisions made using the Product, Demand, and Supply Review processes greatly improved transparency, planning, and decision making.

While at BP, Mike spearheaded the design and implementation of Oliver Wight’s Integrated Business Planning. This process drove integration across two refineries, pipelines and logistics operations, and four market footprints. Using the Demand Review process, the team developed a plan to grow gasoline sales to fully leverage the new capability offered by a planned refinery expansion. He also developed a new team within BP Pipelines to better coordinate business development and commercial oversight of assets across the continental US and deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Mike facilitated the global implementation of Integrated Business Planning across multiple geographies and cultures within the BP organization. He actively coached the executive leadership of their global Fuels Value Chains to assist implementation of the IBP process across the Pacific Northwest, Germany, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, and Australia/New Zealand.  During his tenure with BP, Mike held numerous executive roles including Vice President of Business Development and Commercial for the US Pipelines Business, Head of Refining Supply, Head of Integrated Planning & Optimization and, Global Head of Supply Chain Management.

Mike served on the Board of Directors for Olympic Pipeline Company and BP-Husky Refining, LLC.  He earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University.

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