Diagnostic Review for Integrated Business Planning

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Diagnostic Review for Integrated Business Planning

Assessing Your Business Against Industry Best Practices

The Oliver Wight Integrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP) Diagnostic Review

Diagnostic Review for (Advanced Sales and Operations Planning) integrated business planning diagnosticAn Oliver Wight team of principals works with your organization to understand your company’s strategic and competitive business priorities. Using these priorities, an appraisal of your current Integrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP) processes and procedures is conducted. The current state is compared to best practices as defined by The Oliver Wight Class A Checklist for Business Excellence. The Checklist is recognized as containing world-class industry standards for process and business performance, including Integrated Business Planning also known as Advanced Sales and Operations Planning.

The comparison leads to identification of gaps and an outline of the necessary steps to close the gaps to improve business performance. The evaluation also enables Oliver Wight to determine your company’s readiness to implement Integrated Business Planning.

The Oliver Wight team presents its observations and findings, blended with a tailored education program, to the leadership team, along with a prioritized list of gap-closing recommendations.

The Oliver Wight team will be comprised of principals with years of experience in leading Integrated Business Planning environments both as practitioners as well as guiding client companies on their journey towards excellence.


An Integrated Business Planning Diagnostic begins with the Oliver Wight team and the appropriate people from within your organization to coordinate and schedule the on-site Diagnostic interviews and related activities.

After the schedule has been confirmed, the Oliver Wight team conducts the on-site Diagnostic activities. The interview participants will include leadership, management, and functional Integrated Business Planning team members.

Following the interviews, the Oliver Wight team will work off-site compiling their findings from the interviews, identifying the gaps between current state and best practices, and formulating the gap-closing recommendations.

The Oliver Wight team will return to present their findings and recommendations from the Diagnostic during a blended education/recommendations session to the organization’s leadership team.


An Oliver Wight Integrated Business Planning Diagnostic delivers the following:

  • A candid analysis of the business in its current state relative to Integrated Business Planning
  • Common knowledge among the leadership team relative to best-practice concepts, principles, behaviors, and metrics
  • Prioritized recommendations for closing identified gaps to improve business performance
  • A better understanding of the potential ROI from implementing or improving the Integrated Business Planning processes

Contact an Oliver Wight client development representative to schedule your diagnostic review.