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Oliver Wight's Master Scheduling Course

This 2-day course provides the tools you need to ensure that all processes -- Integrated Business Planning (Advanced Sales and Operations Planning), demand management, long-range resource planning, rough-cut capacity planning, finishing or final assembly scheduling and master scheduling -- interact properly. Throughout this master scheduling course, you'll learn the methods needed to develop these processes to a high level of performance in order to plan, communicate, and direct overall company activities, including marketing, sales, manufacturing, materials, engineering, and finance, and create a working master production schedule.

This Master Scheduling Course includes

  • How to identify root causes of scheduling problems and correct them 
  • How to achieve 95% customer service levels with the available-to-promise function 
  • How to use firm-planned orders 
  • How to select effective strategies to group items 
  • How to identify the levels and items that need master schedule control 
  • How to leverage safety stock or safety lead times to hedge against demand or supply variations 
  • How to analyze the impact of changes to the master schedule before making them 
  • How to use rough-cut capacity planning to ensure realistic schedules 
  • How to use a typical MPS report and communicate desired actions 

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Who this course is for
This course is for people who are concerned with the operation or design of the master schedule and Integrated Business Planning process. This includes people from the functions of materials, engineering, finance, master scheduling, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and customer service. Team attendance early in the process is encouraged.
During course registration, please indicate your hotel needs.  While hotel accommodations are not included in the cost of the course, we will be happy to make a reservation on your behalf.
Day One 8-5
Day Two 8-4

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