Integrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP)

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Using the Integrated Business Planning (Advanced Sales and Operations Planning) process to create one company agenda

This interactive course covers the method to achieve Integrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP) and provides an understanding of the role of the S&OP/IBP process in matching plans throughout the business to the latest information inside and outside of the company, thus ensuring one company agenda, with one set of priorities, and managed through one integrated set of figures. Covered in the course is a description of the model for a traditional business and showing how it is adapted for global and regional structures with multiple business units and sites. Particularly, this Integrated Business Planning course highlights the role of executives and senior managers in leading the supporting processes.

The course instructor will explain how the Integrated Business Planning process works to provide the latest view of the business and enable re-optimization in light of changing circumstances. An overview of the supporting processes of Product Management, Demand Management, and Supply Management is provided. You will understand the process of Integrated Reconciliation with operational and financial projections leading to the Management Business Review. Our instructors will show you how the Oliver Wight Proven Path assures successful implementation including the role of facilitated design workshops to accelerate introduction of the Integrated Business process.

A Comprehensive Integrated Business Planning (Advanced Sales and Operations Planning) Course for Executive Leadership

This Integrated Business Planning course is designed for senior executives and all members of the leadership team who are involved in elements of the integrated management process for their company. This in-depth look is also an excellent opportunity for a team implementing this process to ensure that the senior management to whom the team reports understands what is being done and how it benefits them.

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Who is this course for? 
This course is for mid-managers and senior planning executives.
During course registration, please indicate your hotel needs.  While hotel accommodations are not included in the cost of the course, we will be happy to make a reservation on your behalf. Guest rooms are very limited for June. Please submit your request during registration, and we will try to fulfill it. 
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