Inventory Record Accuracy, Unleashing the Power of Cycle Counting

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Roger B. Brooks and Larry W. Wilson

Inventory Record Accuracy,  Unleashing the Power of Cycle Counting

Second Edition

Up-to-date and thorough, Inventory Record Accuracy, Second Edition, describes and discusses the latest tools and techniques in Cycle Counting. One new topic introduced by co-authors Roger B. Brooks and Larry W. Wilson is Inventory Tactics versus Inventory Control, which clarifies the tactical and control issues surrounding inventory. They also describe how to establish and maintain inventory record accuracy in a Lean environment and cover new topics such as supplier/vendor-managed inventory.

The Second Edition features an extensive discussion on sleuthing for root cause of errors, typically a problem area for practitioners of cycle counting. Brooks and Wilson review several different situations and recommend a number of likely sleuthing activities to discover and correct the error(s). Additionally, they have significantly expanded their explanation of inventory record tolerances and added a number of graphical displays and visuals to enhance the understanding of establishing tolerances.

Inventory Record Accuracy, Second Edition, describes in an easy-to-read format the step-by-step approach of a successful three-phase methodology to achieve inventory record accuracy (Preparation, Calibration, and On-going Cycle Counting). Other “how-to” initiatives include:

  • Evaluating your current inventory system to identify areas for improvement;
  • Improving inventory management at single or multiple facilities;
  • Coordinating the use of Cycle Counting with Lean or MRP II; and
  • Developing important operating procedures to ensure optimal inventory accuracy over the long term.