Integrated Business Planning - Gaining Commitment from your Executives

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Integrated Business Planning - Gaining Commitment from your Executives

There is a reason you, the practitioner, know the details of every SKU, every production, and every sales plan over the next few months. But do you know what your company’s portfolio will look like in two years? Is there clear direction on what markets you will serve and what markets to abandon, what products no longer represent the strategic direction of the company vs. the ones that do? Is there a clear roadmap for achieving these transitions? Can your supply chain keep pace with the changes? 

Of course not... these are the decisions/vision you rely on the executive team to provide. When your executive team reaches to you for recommendations, will you be prepared to offer an opinion to the executive level?

Register with SAS to watch this Oliver Wight and SAS 30-minute webinar presentation on how to gain commitment from your executives to tackle Integrated Business Planning (IBP), also commonly referred to as Advanced Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP).


Global S&OP Consultant

David Goddard
Oliver Wight Principal