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FastTrack to Results Webinars:

Improve your Demand Planning Process Fast to Ring the Recession Cash Register


Because of its strong connection to cash, there is an urgent need in a Recession to make Demand Planning process improvements that will improve cash flow and profitability now and, at the same time, strengthen ability to predict the coming upturn.

Achieving excellence in Demand Planning is not an overnight event, but there are ample opportunities for quick, low-cost cash and profitability improvements. In this webinar, Susan Storch will focus on “laser-focused” efforts that can deliver financial results within 60 days. She will also describe an approach you can use to find your own “laser focus” and identify your short-term financial opportunity, with the added benefit of positioning you for long-term excellence in Demand Planning.

You will learn about:

  • Demand Planning connections to cash flow: impacts on revenue, operating cost, purchasing cost, and working capital
  • Recessionary implications for Demand Planning on demand prediction, demand creation and shaping, opportunity/risk management, and compensating tactics for uncertainty
  • Opportunity areas to explore for quick Demand Planning financial results: process modifications that will help improve accuracy and predictive ability

The benefits of participating – you will:

  • Understand the main reasons forecast accuracy does not improve and compare these to your own situation
  • Find out what other successful companies are doing to quickly increase the financial contribution of their Demand Planning processes in this troubled economy
  • Learn a FastTrack approach to developing a plan for identifying and beginning to capture short-term financial benefits within 60 days