The Transition from S&OP to IBP – Autographed Hardcover


The Transition from S&OP to IBP – Autographed Hardcover


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Two industry experts break down the steps involved in improving the bottom line through adopting Integrated Business Planning in this book released by Oliver Wight.

Every once in a while, something comes along that makes life a little easier, even if it will take some hard work first. For Jack Baxter, president of the fictional Global Products and Services Inc., that something is a process known as Integrated Business Planning. This new book follows the theoretical executive as he considers the business advantages of transforming Sales and Operations Planning into Integrated Business Planning, launching the process to improve the bottom line of his company.

The Transition from Sales and Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning by way of a story, covers the steps executives consider when evaluating the decision to change the way to do business. Starting with the proposition and first step, and continuing through such stages as getting a consensus on the basics and implementing the process, the authors use Baxter’s experiences at his multi-divisional company as a lens through which real-life executives can imagine the process being played out at their companies. Baxter’s first goal is to convince Mark Ryan to head up the new initiative, working with an outside consulting firm. As he and Mark work with the consultant, they learn more about the advantages of integrated business plans such as increased revenue growth, improved inventory numbers, and even higher customer satisfaction.

Both authors are retired business advisors with Oliver Wight Americas, a company comprised of coaches and educators with industry experiences specializing in integrated business processes. Their strengths include Sales and Operations Planning, Integrated Business Planning, Demand Management, and Integrated Planning and Control. George Palmatier spent 11 years as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Bently Nevada Corp. (now part of General Electric). He has co-authored three books: The Marketing Edge, Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning, and Demand Management Best Practices. Palmatier belongs to The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Colleen Crum has assisted companies that manufacture everything from chemicals and biotechnology to consumer goods, electronics, food and beverages, and aerospace. She has co-authored three books: Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning, Demand Management Best Practices, and Supply Chain Collaboration.

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