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Praise for Infopartnering: “André has done a great job of describing a future world in which we harness the power of technology and cooperative relationships to become as efficient and consumer focused as possible.” —Jerry Golub, Director, Trade and Inventory Effectiveness, Price Chopper Supermarkets. “Finally, a book that demystifies the ‘how-tos of ECR. Infopartnering is a must-read for any senior manager truly dedicated to making ECR a reality.” —Daphne Perry, General Manager, ECR, H. J. Heinz Company of Canada, Ltd. “André Martin has provided the experienced as well as the novice logistician with a valuable insight into ECR. Infopartnering is not business as usual but a unique, value-added approach to meeting customer requirements.” —Joseph Andraski, Vice President, Sales & Integrated Logistics Division, Nabisco Food Group. “Infopartnering will help drive the implementation of new infopartnering techniques such as continuous replenishment to better manage the distribution pipeline for greater consumer value.” —Ralph Drayer, Vice President, Product Supply-Customer Development, Procter & Gamble Company.



Business as Usual: A Satellite’s-Eye View.
The Infopartnering Approach: Harnessing Information to Gain a Competitive Advantage.
The Heart and Soul of Infopartnering: The DRP Connection.
Promotional Planning: A Major Payoff from Infopartnering.


Building a Foundation: Prerequisites and Success Factors for Infopartnering.
Information: The Lifeblood of ECR.
Systems and Technology: The Skeleton of ECR.
People: The Brainpower Behind ECR.
Implementing ECR: A Blueprint for Success.
The Road Ahead: Opportunities and Challenges in the Era of Infopartnering and ECR.

André Martin, co-founder of the consulting and software company, Factory2Shelf, has many years of experience helping retailers, wholesalers/distributors, and manufacturers integrate their distribution systems from retail point-of-sale terminals to the suppliers’ manufacturing facilities – supply chain execution. He is a renowned expert on customer connectivity programs. A pioneer in the field of distribution and logistics, Martin developed Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) in the 1970s. He continues to work with clients around the world in the areas of DRP and Infopartnering/Efficient Consumer Response implementing DRP concepts for consumer packaged goods companies, mass merchandisers, and large retail chains. Much of his experience stems from his work for and with Abbott Canada. Other companies he has worked with on their DRP implementation include American Hardware Supply Company (Servistar), Mass Merchandisers Inc., and Sears. Martin is also the author of Distribution Resource Planning: The Gateway to True Quick Response and Continual Replenishment, the author of the Oliver Wight Distribution Resource Planner video library, as well as the DRP chapter in the APICS Handbook. He continues to consult and teach worldwide.

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