Demand Control Workshop

Design and Implement a Demand Control Process

Tired of firefighting and chaos when orders exceed supply or orders are less than planned in the near term?

You’re not alone. That’s why Oliver Wight clients are implementing Demand Control in their companies.

It starts with a Demand Control Workshop.

Workshop Will Show How to Use Demand Control to Address Near-Term Inventory Problems and Forecast Accuracy Issues

A Demand Control process does not take years to implement and see results. Oliver Wight has helped clients implement the process in a few months. Results are seen in less than six months.

The symptoms of these situations are frequently inventory problems – either excessive inventory or product shortages. The root causes of these situations are typically forecast accuracy issues or supply execution issues that can cause product availability issues or excess inventory.

Here’s how we help companies implement the process:

  • Conduct and facilitate a two-day workshop that involves education on best practices and design of how the process will work in your company.
  • The design includes definition of roles, accountabilities, and performance measures.

Oliver Wight also provides coaching and guidance during deployment of the process.

The workshop participants typically include key managers from the demand, supply, and sales organizations. The output of the design is typically presented to the executive team, including the vice presidents of sales, supply chain, and manufacturing.

The workshop is critical to quickly deploying a Demand Control process and ensuring that roles and accountabilities are agreed upon.

Demand Control is…
a formal process of communication and decision making to keep demand and supply synchronized when demand materializes differently than planned within near-term time fences.

A Demand Control Process… 
is used when demand is greater than supply over the near term. The process is also used when actual orders are less than the demand plan over the near term.

An Effective Demand Control Process…
also involves mitigating risk and managing opportunity.

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