Demand Control White Paper

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Demand Control White Paper

Demand Control White Paper

In their white paper, Demand Control: An Often Missing Link in a Demand Management Process, authors David Holmes, Todd Ferguson, and Timm Reiher define Demand Control and outline its importance in the Demand Management and allocation processes. Done well, the authors argue, Demand Control takes chaos out of the near-term order fulfillment and sales execution process and stimulates actions that enable companies to improve customer service and increase revenue. The authors present a compelling argument for why an effective Demand Control process should be in place and provide helpful steps for establishing one. 

Drawing on their extensive experience, the authors proposed that a primary failure in the Demand Management process is the lack of a disciplined Demand Control process. Often, the Demand Control process is simply neglected, and the benefits of an effective process – including improved customer service, increased sales revenue, and being respected as a reliable supplier – are lost as well. Further, the authors offer that when companies implement a Demand Control process at the same time that they implement Integrated Business Planning, the realization of these benefits is accelerated. 

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