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Author of the Month

Todd Ferguson

Todd Ferguson is an Oliver Wight principal and Demand Management expert. As a consultant and educator, he assists companies with overcoming Supply Chain challenges and implementing solutions, with a concentration in the disciplines of Demand Management and Integrated Business Planning.

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Demand Management Blog post

Three Powerful Traits of Large, Successful, Consumer Goods Companies

by Todd Ferguson

It can be extremely stressful for organizations to hit their numbers, especially so for the executives who are in charge of responding to the demands of shareholders and are focused on making a company profitable again. When it comes to figuring out how to manage business dynamics, our experience suggests that companies can take one of two approaches – one results in poor results and blame, while the other yields positive results and an energized workforce. Bottom line: don’t start blaming each other or pointing fingers. Think about new viable options and what you could have done differently. There is no point in arguing about failed past attempts when you should be focused on making a better change for the future.

It is important to understand that demand drives a business and without demand, there is no business. Successful execution of a business strategy requires...

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