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Eric Deutsch

Eric Deutsch, principal with Oliver Wight and Sales and Operations Planning process educator, works with companies to implement and improve their integrated business planning processes. Eric has extensive hands-on industry experience in manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain management in the global specialty chemical and biotech industry.

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Three Key Challenges That Middle-Market Businesses are Facing

By Eric Deutsch and Aditya Sobti

All companies face difficulties when it comes to sustaining growth due to unpredictable economic conditions and competition. Middle-market companies, however, deal with their own unique hurdles. Middle-market companies only account for three percent of the companies in the U.S. and one-third of the private sector GDP. Since middle-market companies are too big for government subsidies and too small to weather the ebbs and flows of business cycles, they need to be disciplined in planning and execution if they are going to survive.

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