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Oliver Wight Business Improvement Courses

Oliver Wight provides client support through education events that accentuate best practice knowledge transfer. We enable the application of best practices through public business improvement courses held at venues throughout the United States and South America; private courses tailored specifically to your company's individual needs; and facilitated workshops for small teams in a hands-on format. 


IBP BadgeIntegrated Business Planning (Advanced S&OP) Course  $2,195

Using the Integrated Business Planning (Advanced Sales and Operations Planning) process to create one company agenda. 

Demand badgeDemand Management Course $1,995

Best practice forecasting and demand management in the integrated business environment - roles, accountabilities, process flows, levels, timing horizons, technologies, and mechanics.

Demand badgeDemand Labs Course $1,995

This two-day workshop focuses on applying best practice demand planning principles in a variety of real-world scenarios, enabling participants to overcome real life challenges and situations.

ISCM badgeIntegrated Supply Chain Management Course $2,195

This foundation course will provide you with the basis for integrating all functions and processes of your business with the goal being enhanced speed to market and cost reductions in your supply chain.

Master Scheduling badgeMaster Scheduling Course $1,995

Schedule your products to satisfy customers and support changes in demand while maximizing plant and supplier resources.

Product and Portfolio Optimization badgeProduct and Portfolio Management Course $1,995

This highly interactive course positions Product and Portfolio Management as an integral part of an organization’s business strategy, its customer and financial objectives, and the demand planning and supply chain management processes; fully integrating it with the Oliver Wight Integrated Business Planning process driving innovation and clarity through hands-on workshops so that you can win the innovation race.



Need to educate more than a three people?  

All of the courses above can be brought to your company in the form of a private course.  We also offer a wide variety of additional topics as private classes.


Earn the badge 


IBP BadgeWant to give credibility to your knowledge and expertise?  After attending an Oliver Wight course, we send you your “badge”.  You may display the badge anywhere you credential yourself – Linkedin Profile, email signature etc.  Being “Oliver Wight Educated” displays you’ve spent your valuable time learning about ways to improve your company’s ability to survive the rocky times and thrive when the sailing is smooth, or turn ho-hum into upper quartile success. Earn your badge by attending any of the courses above.