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Company Description

Oliver Wight is a team of seasoned business improvement specialists with broad industry experience and a steadfast commitment to help our clients achieve their goals. The focus is not to just help organizations improve but to ensure they achieve results that last. Using an integrated approach to improvement and change management, our clients dedicate their efforts to activities that create value. Here are examples of value they report:

• increased sales and market share broader operating margins
• development of new, more competitive products
• improved cash flow
• increased return on assets

    Oliver Wight has a 40-year track record of delivering business improvement to some of the world’s best-known organizations. We believe that sustainable improvement can only be made through your own people. So unlike other business consultants and change management consultants, we transfer our knowledge to you, which means you can achieve performance levels and financial results that last. Core services include:

    • educating
    • coaching
    • mentoring     

    Current Openings

    Oliver Wight Principal

    Why Work for Oliver Wight Americas?

    Oliver Wight Americas understands that the employees and consultants drive the success of a company. Oliver Wight strives to provide a work environment that offers challenging and rewarding opportunities, while encouraging open communication, teamwork, and diversity. We offer:

    • Unlimited Opportunity – Oliver Wight offers the ability to expand your horizon to what you want and to learn from the best in industry.
    • Our People – Our consultants and employees are highly skilled professionals who thrive on helping companies, and they have a passion for their clients’ success.
    • Respect for the Individual – Our team holds high standards for respecting our clients and respecting each other.
    • Class A in Everything We Do – We make client success our top priority. We have created a proven methodology that has brought hundreds of companies to a Class A level.
    • Open Communication - We encourage our team members to share ideas with each other. The executive team offers monthly business updates and seeks input from our members at large.
    • Commitment to Teamwork – Collaboration and cooperation remain essential to Oliver Wight’s success.
    • Trust Among all Members of our Team – we strive to do what we say we will do.