ERP: Making It Happen

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Thomas F. Wallace and Michael H. Kremzar

ERP: Making It Happen

The Implementer's Guide to Success with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

This book is a highly practical, comprehensive guide to implementing and managing Enterprise Resource Planning. It outlines the critical challenges, opportunities, and a proven implementation strategy to successfully implement and manage with ERP.

Author Thomas F. Wallace -- an early pioneer of MRP II who has been instrumental in helping dozens of companies manage successful implementations -- has packed his book with planning advice and ideas for developing a successful implementation game plan and integrating ERP with your operation. He shows you how to launch ERP from a management perspective as well as on a company-wide basis. He also presents a "Quick Slice" approach to implementing ERP in just one area of your operation, which both offers opportunity for early success as well as lays groundwork for an eventual broader-based implementation.

ERP: Making it Happen also includes advice on managing ERP over the long haul to ensure that your company's overall operations reap the maximum benefit from the system.